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Meals & Lodging

Meals and lodging allowances vary according to location, Please review PPM49 for acceptable allowances. The following links provide detailed meal and lodging rates:

Lodging Rates

Meal Per Diem Rates


Hotel Planner

Per the Office of State Travel, all hotel reservations must be processed through Hotel Planner.  The following link provides instructions and screen shots of each step to assist when booking a hotel reservation: Hotel Planner Step By Step Instructions.

State of LA Hotel Planner Guidelines file was created by Hotel Planner describing the booking process, and provides additional information if needed.                                  

The Hotel Planner site is simple to use and similar to most travel purchasing websites.  Through Hotel Planner, there is an option to pay with a credit card or the CBA.  The state travel card should be utilized as the form of payment by employees who are in possession of the card.  The CBA must be used by UNO employees who do not have a state travel card, and as often as possible for students and guests. A travel authorization form must be completed with an authorization code prior to booking a hotel. 

UNO was granted an exception to bypass Hotel Planner for conference hotel bookings only, if the following conditions apply:

  • The conference hotel’s rate must be less expensive than the identical hotel on Hotel Planner. 
  • The traveler must provide a cost comparison to verify the cost savings.  The cost comparison is submitted with the travel card log and/or travel voucher, and must be completed prior to booking.
  • Conference rates often include amenities not included through Hotel Planner, such as meals, parking, internet services, etc.  The cost of included amenities should be taken into consideration when comparing rates.  For example, Hotel Planner’s rate may be less expensive than the conference’s rate, but the conference rate may include meals, making the conference rate cost justified.  

The State Travel Office does not enter into contracts with hotel properties.  PPM-49 does not mandate specific hotel properties where a traveler must stay.

Please seek hotel reservations as early as possible. This will increase the opportunity to find a rate at or below the state's allowed rates. Be sure and notate the reservation number and the hotel's cancellation policy. If travel plans must be changed or cancelled, the traveler must cancel the reservation within the allocated time frame.



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